Photography Business Mastery
Course & Certification
  • 100% Online
  • Certification Included
  • 12 Weekly Lessons
  • 90 Days to Complete
What's Included In The Course
This course is expertly designed to help you make money while living your dream of being a photographer. You will learn essential knowledge that will allow you to create a business plan, get a business license, build a business website, find your niche, and much more.

Our "Industry Leading" 12 Weekly Lessons make it easy to quickly gain all the knowledge, skills, and techniques to launch your career as a paid Professional Photographer. 

Week/Lesson 1: Introduction to Course

  • How this course will positively impact your career & life
  • Living your dream of becoming a PAID photographer
  • Setting your own schedule, making the rules, and living a great life
  • Starting part-time vs. full-time
  • Expectations for the course
  • Preview of entire course
  • You get what you put into the course
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 2: Finding Your Niche & Passion

  • How to make more money with fewer photos
  • Connecting your passion to a niche specialty
  • Building your business around your niche
  • Getting clients to choose you over other photographers
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 3: Business Legalities

  • Understanding the law in your location
  • Getting a business license
  • Using a LLC to pay less taxes
  • Using a LLC to better protect yourself
  • Seeking advice from attornys
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 4: The Best Studios on a Budget

  • Using your home as a studio while still charging premium prices
  • Getting retail space for free or little money
  • Renting prime real estate
  • Niches that don't require a studio
  • Getting a commercial job that provides you with a studio
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 5: Creating a Winning Business Plan

  • Why 95% of photography businesses fail
  • Business plans that can help you increase your odds of Success
  • Executive Summary
  • Specific Services Offered
  • Market Analysis Summary
  • Strategy & Implementation Summary
  • Company & Management Summary
  • Financial Plan
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 6: Business Loans & Investors

  • Growing your business
  • Putting yourself in the shoes of banks and investors
  • Bank loans
  • Government loans
  • Venture capital firms
  • Circle of influence investors
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 7: Creating the Perfect Investment Presentation

  • How a Great presentation increases odds
  • Open with Powe
  • Executive Summary
  • Specific Services Offered
  • Market Analysis Summary
  • Strategy & Implementation Summary
  • Company & Management Summary
  • Financial Plan
  • Confidence Matters
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 8: Hiring Employees

  • Choosing small or big
  • Running your photography business solo
  • Know when the time is right to hire
  • Hire slow & fire fast
  • Unpaid internships
  • Paid internships
  • Making your life easier
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 9: Marketing Your Photography Business

  • Branding vs. Marketing
  • Building your website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Referral Marketing
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 10: Presenting to Potential Clients

  • Educating Clients
  • Photography is Much More than owning a camera
  • The Difference between You & other photographers
  • The Value You add
  • Locking-in a Price
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 11: Up-selling Existing Clientele

  • The Biggest Cost is Acquiring New Clientele
  • Packages
  • Add-ons
  • Getting Referrals
  • Continual Communication
  • Clients for Life
  • Quiz

Week/Lesson 12: Building Your Portfolio

  • Representing Your Best Work
  • Free Online Portfolios
  • Paid Online Portfolios
  • Printed Portfolios
  • Alternative Portfolios
  • Course Takeaways
  • Quiz

NOTE: This information is a general overview of coursework and materials. Classes at Hollywood Art Institute are on a track of continual improvement to better suit student needs. The actual course material & requirements may change at anytime due to the discretion of instructors.

We provide step-by-step videos, tutorials, and hands-on activities in everyone of our 12 Weekly Modules to make learning easy and fun. Other courses only give you articles that can be difficult to understand.
The course is designed to be completed in 90 days. However we know you are busy so we give you up to 1 year to complete it. (Minimum 90 days to complete).
We provide you with "Optional" Quizzes to see your current skill level so you can improve. The quizzes are NOT required unless you want full certification.
Level 3 Certified Tutors
All of our Photography Business Mastery tutors are Level 3 Certified to ensure you are getting the best support to help you excel.
You've got questions and we have answers. Our Level Three Certified Tutors are here to help you with questions about any of the Photography Business Mastery modules, techniques, and skills.
Ask for constructive feedback from our Level 3 Certified Tutors and fellow students. You aren't in this alone. Mastering photography is a team process.
What Do I Need To Begin?
No prerequisites or prior experience/education is needed to enroll in this course. We only require a desire to make money with photography.
This course is designed for beginner, intermediate, & advanced photography business individuals. Whether you are already making money with photography or waiting for your first paid job, this course teaches you needed marketing strategies.
You will need a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access.
Certification Included ($297 Value)
Certification is included with this course at no extra charge ($297 value). You will need to complete the course and any other requirements before full certification is granted.
You can hang your Certificate Diploma on the wall in your studio or office for higher credibility. Meeting all the requirements for a certificate diploma helps ensure photography business industry standards are being met.
3 Bonuses Included
Bonus #1 is a digital copy of the book "Photography Insights" by Hollywood Art Institute. This is the "Must Read" book for all photographers from beginner to advanced.
Take your digital Flashcards with you "On The Go" so you can stay up to date on the latest in making money with photography. You can view them on smartphones, tablets, and computers.
You'll receive a 5 year subscription to the Pro Article Database when you enroll in the course. This is jam packed with the latest cutting edge techniques in photography and normally costs $97 per month.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can beginners take this course?
Yes. Beginner, intermediate & professional photographers can all take this course. It focuses on how to potentially make money from your photos.

Is certification required?
No. However, we highly recommend it. Plus the included certification is a $297 Value.

Do I need any special equipment?
You will need a smartphone, tablet, or computer with internet access to complete the course.

Do I need to invest money in my photography business?
It really depends. We teach you many working & marketing methods that are completely free. However, we also cover certain methods that would require you to spend money such as renting a studio space.

Do I need special computer skills?
Only basic computer skills. If you can turn on a computer & check email you should be okay.

Do I need to purchase study materials?
All texts and study materials are included in the cost of the course.

Do I have to attend classes in person?
All classes, lectures, videos, tutorials, texts, & tutoring are online. This saves you time, money, and travel.

Will this course transfer to my college?
It depends on your school. We recommend you contact them before enrolling if this is of interest to you. Accrediting organizations are privately owned (not government) and vary among schools, colleges, universities, institutes, etc.
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