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"I love this photography course. The instructors are very knowledgeable and make learning photography easy and fun."
Katie JohnsonStudent
What's Included In The Course
The entire course is Expertly Designed to help you easily learn the techniques that will help you take better photos starting on your very first day. We know what it is like to learn something new and have tailored every step to make it easy, fun, and engaging.
Our "Industry Leading" 22 Modules make it easy to quickly gain all the knowledge, skills, and techniques to launch your career as a Professional Photographer or to simply take great photos that impress your family and friends. Each module takes you step-by-step at a pace that is comfortable for you.
We provide step-by-step videos, tutorials, and hands-on activities in everyone of our 22 Modules to make learning easy and fun. Other courses only give you articles that can be difficult to understand.
You'll learn the techniques used by the Pros. It might surprise you to know that just a few small & quick techniques "like where to point your camera in relation to lighting" can make a huge difference! And we teach you many simple to advanced techniques you can begin using on your first day to impress your friends, family, or even paying clients.
"Photography should be FUN!" You can complete the course on your own schedule. We recommend taking 3-6 weeks but you can complete it in less or more time depending on your available time.
We provide you with "Optional" Quizzes to see your current skill level so you can improve. The quizzes are NOT required unless you want full certification.
We teach real "down to earth" techniques to help you take better photos your very first day. Other courses use hard to understand "technical jargon" that makes learning photography more confusing rather than more simplistic, easy, and fun.
Level 3 Certified Pro Tutors
All of our photography tutors are Level 3 Certified to ensure you are getting the best support to help you excel.
You've got questions and we have answers. Our Level Three Certified Tutors are here to help you with questions about any of the photography modules, techniques, and skills.
Want to know how you can improve the quality of a specific photos you have taken? Ask for constructive feedback from our Level 3 Certified Tutors and fellow students. You aren't in this alone. Mastering photography is a team process.
What Do I Need To Begin?
No prerequisites or prior experience or education is needed to enroll in this course. We only require a desire to take better photos!
This course is designed for beginner, intermediate, & advanced photographers. We understand that learning photography can be an intimidating process... that's why we organized this course so beginners can begin with the "absolute basics" and work their way up. At the same time more advanced photographers are able to skip the basics and focus on advanced methods and skills.
There is no expensive equipment required. Many use their existing cameras or smartphone cameras. We teach you how to improve your photos on any equipment you are using. This way you can apply the same learning’s to more advanced cameras, if you decide to upgrade in the future.
Certification Included ($297 Value)
Certification is included with this course at no extra charge ($297 value). You will need to complete the course and any other requirements before full certification is granted. NOTE that other photography courses charge additional fees for their certification.
You can hang your Certificate Diploma on the wall in your studio or office for higher credibility. Meeting all the requirements for a certificate diploma helps ensure photography industry standards are being met, providing high quality photos.
Certification sets you apart from other photographers so you are in higher demand for Top Paying photography positions, studios, freelance, etc.
Launch Your Photography Career Today!
It's possible to start making money with your photos on day one. We teach you how to take better photos and how to get paid top dollar for them. (Remember results will vary depending on current experience and application of techniques).
You can become a Professional Photographer in as little as 3 weeks or less. It all depends on your how quickly you complete the course and effectively apply the principles taught.
Very few people can say they actually love their career. Be the person who stands out from the rest and actually enjoy what you do.
3 Bonuses Included
Bonus #1 is a digital copy of the book "Photography Insights" by Hollywood Art Institute. This is the "Must Read" book for all photographers from beginner to advanced.
Take your digital Flashcards with you "On The Go" so you can stay up to date on the latest in photography. You can view the on smartphones, tablets, and computers.
You'll receive a 5 year subscription to the Pro Article Database when you enroll in the course. This is jam packed with the latest cutting edge techniques in photography and normally costs $97 per month.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can beginners take this course?
Yes. Beginner, intermediate & professional photographers can all take this course. It starts with the very basics and takes you to a professional level at your own pace.

Is certification required?
No. However, we highly recommend it–especially if you’re planning on launching a career as a studio photograher, wedding photographer, nature photographer, etc. Plus the included certification is a $297 Value.

Do I need any special equipment?
Just a camera. Most students have a basic point-&-shoot or DSLR camera. (Some even use their smart phone camera).

Do I need to purchase Photoshop software?
No. We will show you how to get a free month of Photoshop. In addition we teach you how to do all the sames things with FREE software and apps.

Do I need special computer skills?
Only basic computer skills. If you can turn on a computer & check email you should be okay.

Do I need to purchase study materials?
All texts and study materials are included in the cost of the course.

Do I have to attend classes in person?
All classes, lectures, videos, tutorials, texts, & tutoring are online. This saves you time, money, and travel.

Will this course transfer to my college?
It depends on your school. We recommend you contact them before enrolling if this is of interest to you. Accrediting organizations are privately owned (not government) and vary among schools, colleges, universities, institutes, etc.
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